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Structural Inspection Service

Guaranteed Vehicle Inspection in Japan

ATL’s Structural Inspection Service gives you the assurance before your vehicles leave Japan that you will not be faced with any unexpected compliance costs in New Zealand.

Add value, save costs and ship vehicles with confidence:

  • Vehicles are thoroughly inspected by our expert New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) trained inspectors for evidence of structural damage including accident, rust, fire and flood damage
  • Each certified passed vehicle receives the coveted “ATL Structurally Sound” sticker which is placed on the rear window as well as an official certificate to add retail value to your vehicle
  • Certified passed vehicles are guaranteed to pass NZTA compliance with no need for structural repairs (refer to certificate for details)
  • All vehicles receive a comprehensive condition report and structural damage photos
  • 10 high quality digital photos that you can use to promote your vehicles before they arrive in New Zealand are available on request (conditions apply)
  • Inspection data, vehicle photos and certificates are available to view and download on our easy to use vehicle tracking internet portal.
  • The ATL brand and logo can be used for promotional purposes to highlight the quality of your vehicles (please contact us for more information) Inspections are available at the main ports of Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka.
  • ATL has access to over 200 fully trained vehicle inspectors in Japan through our partnership with Automobile Inspection System (AIS) Inc.
  • To support you and your customers ATL has customer service offices in New Zealand and Japan.

RUST ONLY Guaranteed Inspection Option

As an option, you can choose to have the guarantee applied only to rust for vehicles with known previous accident damage/repairs. In this case the vehicle still receives the full Pre-Compliance Vehicle Inspection process, only excluding accident damage/repairs. This is an excellent stress-free way to ensure your vehicles do not have any unexpected rust-related compliance costs when they arrive in New Zealand.

Our Guaranteed Pre-Compliance Vehicle Inspection is done in accordance with standards set by the NZTA and our inspectors have passed the NZTA Vehicle Structural Inspection Course. This combined with the skill and experience of our inspectors give us the confidence to provide a written guarantee that vehicles that pass our Guaranteed Pre-Compliance Vehicle Inspection will pass the NZTA compliance test without any structural repairs.

AIS is the largest and leading domestic vehicle inspection company in Japan and its 200 plus inspectors are responsible for the inspection of some 500,000 vehicles annually. The company also provides inspector training and runs special courses for many motor vehicle industry leaders in Japan including Lexus and BMW. AIS is owned by Aucnet Inc. and the leading Japanese motor vehicle manufacturers, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda and Subaru.

  • Inspection Sheets
  • Certificate
  • Photos

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