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Premium Inspection Process (PIP)

With over 16 years experience inspecting motor vehicles, ATL has developed its Premium Inspection Process (PIP) to meet the growing needs of both importers and exporters to ensure their purchases are of the expected quality prior to exportation to the destination country.

This pre-export inspection provides your business with confidence, cost savings and greater efficiency. As our PIP inspections come standard with up to 16 high quality digital images and an electronic copy of the inspection sheet, this information can be easily added to your web site to effectively and professionally promote your vehicles on the internet.

The PIP Process & Benefits:

  • The inspection process records the interior & exterior condition of the vehicle.
  • Tyre quality and tread depth are checked.
  • Onboard safety equipment and systems are tested to ensure they work correctly.
  • All exterior and interior equipment is identified and checked.
  • Mechanisms such as air conditioning, electric windows and dashboard lights, etc. are tested to make sure they are in an acceptable working condition.
  • Each inspection comes with high quality digital photos (up to 16 images).
  • Once the inspection is completed the PIP inspection sheet is sent electronically to ensure you get the complete report quickly, so that you can know the condition of your vehicle prior to export as well as load it to your web site and/or e-mail it to your customers.
  • The PIP inspection gives confidence in purchases, reduces unexpected quality issues and the associated costs providing you with better ROI and greater profitability.


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