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Guaranteed Invasive Odometer Inspection Servi

Quality, technology and service are the underlying principles that provide our fully invasive odometer inspections with credibility and the confidence to provide a one year guarantee on passed vehicles (please refer to Vehicle Odometer Certification certificate for details).

Our specialist odometer inspectors backed up by professional training and state-of-the-art inspection technology follow a 54 point inspection process to determine whether or not the vehicle’s odometer has been fraudulently tampered with, providing you with the assurance that we are doing a great job for you.

What’s included in our odometer inspection service:

All inspected and passed vehicles receive a one year guarantee from the time the retail customer makes their purchase. This is a powerful competitive advantage adding significant value and confidence to ATL “Certified Passed” vehicles.

  • ATL can inspect all analogue, digital and port programmable diagnostic odometer systems.
  • ATL can inspect all vehicle makes and models from passenger cars through to commercial vans & trucks, luxury vehicles, as well as motor cycles.
  • Each inspected and passed vehicle receives the coveted ATL “Certified Passed” sticker which is placed on the front windscreen.
  • Each inspected and passed vehicle has an accompanying Odometer Verification Certificate sent to the customer, adding authenticity to the inspection process while adding value to the vehicle.
  • Point of Sale marketing material can also be provided on request to promote the inspection service to your customers, adding a powerful and competitive advantage during the sales process.
  • The ATL brand and logos can be used for your own promotional purposes.
  • ATL has dedicated customer service offices to assist you with any inquiries in English or Japanese.


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