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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I register for ATL’s inspection services?

Fill out the registration form at We will send your username and password when your registration is approved.

What should I do when I have vehicles that I want inspected by ATL?

If you selected “Standing Order” for an inspection service when you registered with us, we will inspect all your vehicles automatically. We may contact you for extra information regarding the shipping of your vehicles. If you did not select “Standing Order” you can either upload an Order Form in CSV format here or fill out the online order form here.

I have registered for a standing order for ATL inspection services. What should I do if I have a vehicle I do not want inspected?

Please email us details of the vehicles you do not want inspected to

I am a consignee (dealer) and have registered for ATL inspections but my vehicles have not received inspections. What should I do?

You need to tell your shipper (agent in Japan) that you have registered for ATL inspections and ask the shipper to place an order for the vehicles you require inspections for to ATL before shipping. Your shipper should be able to tell us where and when we can inspect your vehicles.

Can I download photos of my vehicles from ATL’s website?

Yes! You can easily download all photos. To download photos for multiple vehicles at once, go to the Vehicle List. Select the vehicles you want to download photos for then click the “Download Images” button at the bottom of the list. For individual vehicles you can also click the “Download Images” button on that vehicle’s page. This will save a zip file of all photos for all selected vehicles on your computer.

When can I view photos (DPS) and inspection results of my vehicles?

DPS photos and inspection results are generally available within 5 business days of us receiving your order or the vehicle gating into the yard.

What happens if my vehicle is found to have had its odometer tampered with during the odometer inspection?

If ATL’s inspector finds a vehicle of yours that has had its odometer tampered with, the inspector or a customer services representative will contact you and explain the situation. Depending on the situation they may ask you to provide evidence of the vehicle’s history such as service records. If the inspector decides that based on the available evidence your vehicle cannot pass the inspection they will issue a Failed Report detailing why ATL cannot certify the vehicle’s odometer using evidence collected during the inspection. It is up to you whether you continue with the export of the vehicle.

How can I be sure that ATL inspections are independent?

ATL has no affiliations to any affiliation to any shipping company, logistics service, shipper, consignee or any other party that could potentially cause a conflict of interest. Our only interest is in providing the highest quality and most accurate inspections in the industry, providing peace of mind and increasing the value of your vehicles.

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