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Automotive Technologies Limited (ATL) has two decades of experience inspecting odometers and was the very first company to start odometer inspections in Japan. Today the ATL brand is widely recognised and valued, standing for excellence in technical ability, quality and professionalism.

Our strong growth and extensive experience has enabled us to ensure that our vehicle inspectors are of the highest professional standard and our inspections the benchmark in the automotive industry, something we pride ourselves on. Currently ATL provides a full range of pre-export inspection services from our trusted fully invasive forensic odometer inspection, to condition and structural vehicle inspections and our popular digital photo service.

It is also our goal to provide all of our customers with “consistent, superior customer service” as well as the tools to make their businesses even more successful through a partnership with us.

Imagine a future where buying and selling used motor vehicles online is no longer about uncertainty and purchases can be made with confidence, therefore achieving the best possible prices. With accurate and credible vehicle inspections from ATL (which are easily uploaded to the internet and guaranteed) the online purchasing experience can be a pleasure for your customers with no risk or guesswork only a greater satisfaction and confidence in dealing with your organisation.

We look forward to growing a winning relationship with you.

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